To realize his dream of playing the perfect game, Michael spent countless of hours looking for, and playing, hundreds of different games on multiple platforms. He slowly began to realize that his dream, in the current state of the gaming world, is unachievable. Taking the matter in to his own hands, he created WendtOnGames. From there, Michael first started with the programming language Python. As a programming novice, online courses made him stronger by the day, improving his logic and algorithms. Finally he could start tackle his dream.

Since then, WendtOnGames has two games in the development process. A tactical RPG developed in C# with the framework Monogame named BornDead, as well as a platformer named Crude Rude developed in Python with the framework Pygame. Not only being the sole developer for WendtOnGames, Michael is also the sole graphics producer and the developer of this website.